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New Years Eve

Every New Year my mum always tells me… “This will be your year darling…” – Of course, it’s said with the best intentions and love for me and my dreams.

2017 was my year. For all the wrong (or right) reasons, I suppose it depends on what your picture of happiness and success looks like.

2017 was the year I didn’t get married… (thankfully! 😉) but it was the year I pursued my dream career, got a new car after 14 years, took a house on myself and nearly finished my post grad in HR. I even managed to squeeze in some holidays and home improvement!

While all that sounds fantastic, it hasn’t been an easy ride. It has been lonely, exhausting, draining and I have fought mental health monsters along the way.

The biggest lesson I have learned over the past 12 months is to always have faith in yourself…

Faith has helped me make it through the dark days and to keep going when the going gets tough. It has helped me achieve the goals that I set out for myself a year ago.

2017 has been a year of growth. I’m grateful for the journey I have experienced, and am looking forward to new goals and adventures in 2018 – one of which is my new blog.

So welcome, thank you for reading – I hope you enjoy it and can find comfort in the many conundrums I find myself in, as a strong, single female who’s ‘supposed to have her shit together’.